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“Nonna” (meaning grandmother) captures the life of the filmmaker’s 85 year old Italian grandmother, Elvana Casale Izzi. The film focuses on the days leading up to Christmas as she prepares the food for the Christmas day lunch with all of her family, catching glimpses into her past along the way. This past year has been an extremely tough one for Elvana, as she lost both her husband, of 65 years, and her eldest daughter, as well as experiencing the decline of her eyesight. The film acts as a love letter to the filmmaker’s grandmother, highlighting her passions of her family, her husband, gardening, & cooking. The film documents her strength, love and light-heartedness as she continues to care for her family in the midst of her struggles.

A film by Sara Izzi (Director, Producer, Cinematographer, & Editor)


2019, Georgia Documentary Film Festival, Best International Documentary- Atlanta, GA, USA

2019, European Cinematography Awards, Semi-Finalist for Best Student Film-Amsterdam, netherlands

2020, Longleaf film festival, OFFICIAL selection- Raleigh, nc, USA

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